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Legal Concerns that Victims of Injuries during Cruise Ship Excursions may need to Entrust to a Highly-competent and Experienced Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

Relaxing fun and excitement, especially on a city in the sea, is one experience that millions of Americans would never say no to. This clearly explains why at least 11 million (and still increasing number of) Americans go on a cruise holiday every year.

While the real purpose of travelling on board a cruise liner is to visit exciting and exotic places around the globe at very affordable prices, being on one is already more than an adventure in itself. Owners, obviously, have given cruise liners a new face so that some travellers make boarding one their primary purpose while visiting another place, a secondary one. Besides having space more than big enough for at least than 4,000 passengers (per travel), many cruise ships now feature world class facilities, like indoor and outdoor swimming pools with water slides, an aqua health spa fitness center, hair and beauty salon, buffet restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs, casino, cinemas, a duty free shop, pool tables, ping pong tables, basketball courts, a gym, a mini golf course, wall climbing and zip line facilities, a library, and many others – practically anything you would want to enjoy on land you can now enjoy on a cruise liner, and without having to travel far.

It seems that there is no end to the fun and excitement in a cruise ship holiday for the shipping industry has come up with yet another itinerary that will make every cruise ship experience one that will always light up one’s face with a smile and a hearty laughter – a shore excursion.

Though time-constrained, shore excursions allow passengers, who avail of the excursion package, to get the most out of the activities, which may include snorkeling through coral reefs, parasailing, jet skiing, horseback riding, hiking, rock-climbing, zip-lining, dining, shopping at local outdoor markets, and tropical island tours. To a certain few, however, a shore excursion is one activity not worth remembering at all for, instead of being a source of additional fun, it has become for them a source of injury or unpleasant experience.

There have been numerous cases wherein a passenger:

  • Sustained a cut, or suffered a back injury or bone fracture either while getting on board or off a tender boat (a ships’ boat service)
  • Became a target of sexual harassment, assault or theft while waiting for their tour bus at the port. This is primarily due to lack and poor security from the excursion provider; or
  • Got injured in one of the activities/adventures

On website of the Vucci Law Group, P.A. is a list of the possible causes of cruise ship excursion injuries which include dock accidents, tender accidents, inadequate security, defective / malfunctioning equipment, and motor vehicle accidents. “Cruise ship excursion injuries are a serious issue,” as further stressed by said law firm; thus, due to the physical, emotional and financial sufferings that these injuries cause, victims are given the legal right to “seek compensation to help them cope with the effects of their injury.”

Filing a lawsuit due to injuries sustained during a cruise ship holiday, however, is much more complicated than filing a lawsuit against a vehicle owner if an injury were sustained in a vehicular accident. More than the statute of limitation (the time limit for filing a civil lawsuit, which is also observed in car motor vehicle accidents) there is also the issue of jurisdiction. Lawsuits involving cruise ships are usually heard only at the US District Court (in the Southern District of Florida); this is the forum selection clause which is indicated in cruise ships’ ticket contracts. Jurisdiction can altogether change, though, if the accident occurred on land, during a shore excursion.

The complexity of the maritime law, which governs cruise travels and cruise-related activities, however, does not take away injury victims’ right to seek compensation, but victims may find it necessary to seek the help of a highly-competent and experienced cruise ship injury lawyer for better chances of receiving the compensation that they legally deserve.

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